Corporate Affairs & Company Law

Corporate Affairs systematically organizes governance processes, coordinates coherent policy and internal audit, and is responsible for external marketing and communications with RJSC.

Corporate Affairs plays an important role in a company, communications within and outside of the company. Working closely with public affairs, government relations, and internal stakeholders.
The Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) is the sole authority that facilitates the formation of companies etc. and keeps track of all ownership-related issues as prescribed by the Company laws in Bangladesh.
Our main priority is to make it easy to formation the company, registered it, and maintain overall further procedures with RJSC.
Our commitment to company law and corporate affairs sets us different from other law firms. We deliver consistently high-quality services across our local & international network and control when it comes to timing and costs. We aim to provide transparent and adaptive services to our clients. Our clients are absolutely privileged with discretion. As well as a wealth of experience advising on the most complex, strategic projects for our clients, we also advise on a large volume of smaller transactions. Variety, flexibility, and responsiveness are the building blocks of our team.

The services we offer in this area include but are not limited to the following:

1. Incorporation, Registration, Liquidation, and Winding Up of Companies

2. Maintenance of Statutory Records

3. Change in Share Capital

4. Preparation and Filing of Statutory Returns

5. Registration of Overseas Companies

6. Share Transfers and Allotments

7. Management of Legal Disputes and Arbitration

8. Drafting of Agreement, MoU, Undertaking

9. Amendment of AoA and MoU

10. Company Secretarial Services According to Companies Act 1994.

11. Representing the Company in Front of the Various Government Authorities

12. Foreign Company Registration.