VAT Consultancy

Most of the common corporate taxation disputes relate to allowance or disallowance of expenditure, acceptability of debit vouchers and evidence, AIT and related expenses, imposition of estimated profit, rejection of trading accounts, etc.

This is one of many areas of professional services where FTR Business Consultancy (FTRBD.COM) is in the leading position of our country. Our ground-up knowledge in VAT and taxation acquired from years of practice and our excellent client services set us apart from our competition. Our VAT Consultancy team provides comprehensive VAT calculation and return solutions for both individual and corporate clients. We have been approached by international professional services firms for our expertise in these areas who were seeking the best solution for their clients.

We offer a full range of Value Added Tax services including:

  1. Planning and Designing VAT Management Systems
  2. Vat Calculation & Assessment
  3. Preparing Vat Return and Submission
  4. Commissioner Appeal
  5. Appellate Tribunals
  6. High Court Reference
  7. ADR from All Forum Import